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Why Study in Australia

Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP)

Australia facilitates international students by SVP arrangements which increase the chances of getting visa by quick processing of their applications. Under SVR all the credentials and financial documents will be assessed by the Universities and Colleges themselves which makes easy for the applicant.

Unique Style of Education

Australian education is known for its quality which is recognised all over the world in acquiring good jobs. Another outstanding feature of International student is that their education is governed by the ESOS (Education Services for Overseas Students) Act. The credibility of Australian institutes have maintained by the government through CRISCOS (Commonwealth Register of Institute and Course for Overseas Students.

Diverse Culture

One of the aspects of studying in Australia is learning through the cultural diversity where international students come together from different backgrounds and countries. The cultural diversity will allow students to know the cross cultural attitudes of their class mates which could change their thinking and attitude thus bringing a learning environment.

Work while you Study

The students studying in Australian institutions will be given 40 hours of work per fortnight and full time working during public holiday and vacations, thus enabling them to be part of practical learning. That part time job will enable the international students to lessen some of their financial burden and thus they can pay for their food, accommodation and shopping activities

More Job Opportunities

Australia is a large country but is less populated. This feature of the country enables the students to grab more jobs. Moreover the variation of jobs in Australia is large as compared to other countries. For instance, USA is known for IT professionals while UK does not entertain doctors anymore. Contrary to these countries, Australia provides jobs in various fields like agriculture, astronomy, accounts etc.

Getting Permanent Residency (PR) is Easy

Australia prefers to maintain the workforce to run its economy and that is why the students who have completed their undergraduate or postgraduate study will be given Post Study Work Visa rights. Furthermore, they can easily converts into PR by finding job in their respective field of study.

Beautiful Australia

Australia is a scenic place where the students will enjoy studies as well as its beautiful climates, beaches and weather. October till April is Summer time in Australia while May till September is Winter.