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Why Study in New Zealand

Excellent Education Standards

The education system in New Zealand is similar to British Education and well acknowledged globally. All the education institutions are affiliated with the Government of New Zealand and facilitated by National Quality Assurance System. The quality standards are high and all education worth similar value providing equal opportunities for all students.

Duration of Courses are Shorter

The education in New Zealand has an advantage of providing with shorter courses similar to British Educations. A student can finish the Undergraduate Degree in 2 years whereas Post Graduate Degree in 1 year only, which is an effective and efficient time management within reasonable resources.

Diverse Student Culture

One of the aspects of studying in New Zealand is learning through the cultural diversity where international students come together from different backgrounds and countries. The cultural diversity will allow students to know the cross cultural attitudes of their class mates which could change their thinking and attitude thus bringing a learning environment.

Part-time Work Opportunities

The students studying in New Zealand public funded institutions will be given 20 hours of work during their terms and full time working during public holidays thus enabling them to be part of practical learning. That part time job will enable the international students to lessen some of their financial burden and thus they can pay for their food, accommodation and shopping activities.

Excellent Job Opportunities after Graduation

New Zealand prefers to maintain the workforce to run its economy and that is why the students who have completed their undergraduate or postgraduate study will be given opportunities to apply in the local job market. Furthermore, they can easily converts into PR by finding job in their respective field of study.

Beauty of the New Zealand

There are beautiful places to visit while studying in New Zealand and that is why it is considered as a hub of travel and from here the students can go to the its beautiful climates, mountainous ranges and beaches. The weather from October till April is Summer time in New Zealand while May till September is winter.