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Choosing a Programme

Our experienced staff offers guidance and counselling alongside a full Career Assessment. This personalised service means that students choose the programme that is most suited to them both academically and financially.

We know that the wide variety of courses available can make it overwhelming to decide which program is best suited to an individual’s future career plans. This is why we at Edlinks Global have created a community into which we welcome students; students can therefore share their concerns with their peers as well as with our experts who are on hand to offer advice on these important life decisions.

As part of the advice we offer we provide specific information for the particular educational programmes students are interested in; this includes entrance requirements and any other pre-requisites for admission. Such information helps students make the best possible decisions for their future.

We discuss individual’s career goals and aspirations, recommending different programmes in accordance with what students want to achieve in the future. This process helps build students’ confidence about the decisions they take and the educational journey they are about to embark upon.

At Edlinks Global we provide a complete Career Assessment. This Assessment looks at what skills and abilities are needed to successfully complete different programmes of study. We will also provide further information on the courses and training available on given programmes.

All of this means that our students receive independent, professional and personally tailored advice to ensure that they can make a well informed decision.